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Solar Solutions For New Builds

New Builds

New UK Developments Opt For Solar

Solar Panels For New Builds

As new build developments appear throughout the UK the number of developments opting for solar is also increasing!

Electech Installations has extensive experience working alongside developers and contractors on new builds and renovations.

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Installing solar panels in new build developments is a cost-effective way to meet minimum renewable energy requirements and improve the project BREEAM score.

With the UK’s aim to achieve Net Zero by 2050, it has become crucial for architects and developers to prioritise the energy performance ratings of new constructions. Consequently, SAP regulations have gained significant attention, not only for new builds but also for conversion and extensions.

Moving Closer To Net Zero With Every Development

The Benefits of Using Solar With New Build Developments

Long-term benefits

Installing solar panels on new builds provides long-term benefits, as the panels can generate clean, renewable energy for decades with proper maintenance. This can result in significant cost savings on electricity bills over the lifespan of the building.

Cost Saving

Incorporating solar panels during the construction phase can be more cost-effective than retrofitting existing buildings later. Additionally, the cost of solar panels may be factored into the overall construction budget, making it easier to finance the installation.

Energy Efficiency

New buildings can be designed with energy-efficient features that work well together with solar panel installations. This includes improved insulation, Air Source Heat Pumps, and energy-efficient lighting. Reducing overall energy consumption and costs.

Increased property value

Solar panels can increase the resale value of new buildings, as they offer potential buyers or tenants the opportunity to benefit from lower energy costs and environmental sustainability.

Environmental sustainability

Incorporating solar panels into new builds helps reduce the carbon footprint of the building by generating clean energy from sunlight. This supports environmental sustainability goals and helps mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar Integration

Solar panels can be integrated seamlessly into the design and construction process of new buildings, ensuring optimal placement and orientation for maximum energy generation.

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