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Create another income stream for your business today.

Benefit Financially and environmentally. Power your business to a brighter future with commercial solar systems. We design, install, and maintain whilst your business thrives.

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How Does Your Business Benefit From Solar?

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Surveys, Designs, and Planning

Prior to installing your solar panels, our team will conduct all necessary surveys, send detailed designs, obtain planning and grid permissions before proceeding with the installation.

Solar Installation

Our team of fully trained electricians will take care of everything when it comes to installing your new commercial solar panels. This includes all the required electrical equipment such as cabling, inverters and AC & DC isolators.

We'll also handle the mounting, rails, and containment to ensure your solar panels are installed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. If any additional electrical work is needed, we can take care of that too. Our goal is to make the entire installation process as seamless as possible for you, from start to finish.

Operation and Maintenance

On handover of your PV system we will provide full training to you or your staff on the operation and safe isolation of the equipment. We can also provide O+M manuals and plans to ensure the system is properly maintained over the course of the investment.

Powered By Efficiency

Commercial Solar Systems


Supercharge Your Business

Business EV Chargers

With an increasing number of electric vehicles hitting the roads, it has become crucial for UK businesses to support the transition towards a greener future. 

We help your businesses by providing the necessary facilities to keep EVs charged up and ready to go. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

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Commercial Solar Benefits

The Benefits of Commercial Solar Panel Systems

Cost Saving

Solar panels generate free, clean energy during the day, reducing your business's reliance on the grid and potentially saving thousands on energy bills.

Solar Income

Ideally, all onsite solar power should be used, but surplus power can be sold to the grid unless a storage solution is in place.

Financial Stability

Commercial solar panels can help you manage energy expenses by allowing you to forward buy electricity at a set price, despite fluctuating energy costs

Low Carbon Footprint

Generating solar energy can reduce your carbon footprint, enhance sustainability, and boost your business reputation. These benefits increase the likelihood for investors as well as security and resilience for your daily operations

Low Risk Investment

Solar PV is a reliable and safe investment vehicle that provides returns exceeding those of traditional low risk financial products. Making it a popular among the top UK businesses.

Energy Efficiency

As the UK's energy demands are increasing, posing more challenges. Large businesses are required to undergo energy audits with the possibility of more regulations. Independent solar installations can be a good backup solution.

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