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Home Battery Storage Solutions In The UK

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Solar Battery Systems

At Electech we utilise the most modern and efficient battery storage solutions on the market.


Solar panels may not always generate electricity when you need it. However, you have two options to make the most of the energy they produce. You can either send excess electricity back to the National Grid and use mains electricity at night or install a home storage battery. The latter option is preferred as it allows you to store electricity and use it later, reducing your dependency on the National Grid.

Best Solar Batteries

Based on your energy requirements, we will recommend the best solar battery solution. 

Our customers always receive the best solar batteries on the market because we stay at the forefront of the battery industry, constantly evolving and adapting to technology.

Storing Solar Energy Has Never Been Easier!

Clean Energy

No longer harming the environment instead you are giving back.

Earn & Save Money

Not only will you save energy costs, but you can also earn, and add value to your home.

Finance & Grants

Save on upfront costs, and spread the payments over a plan or have the government pay for you.

Solar Batteries

Store any electricity you don’t use so that you can go back and use it later. Completely energy efficient.

Home Battery Storage Solutions For The UK

Battery storage solutions tailored for UK residential homes. We provide custom surveys, designs, and plans for your home’s unique energy needs.

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