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Electech Installations is one of the leading installers of solar PV in the country and have completed over 2500 installations over the last 6 years. We pride ourself on our impeccable workmanship and attention to detail making sure each installation is suited to the customer.

Start benefiting from solar today, and add value to your home, whilst taking control of your energy bills and becoming completely self-sufficient.

What The Numbers Say

How Does Your Home Benefit From Solar?

cost reduction
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property value
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Cleaner energy
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Survey & Design and Planning

Before installing your solar panels, our team will conduct all necessary surveys, provide detailed designs and obtain necessary permissions before proceeding with the installation.

Installation & Handover

Our team of electricians are fully trained to handle the installation of your new solar panels from start to finish. We provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution tailored to your specific requirements. Our goal is to ensure that the entire installation process is seamless for you, right from the beginning until handover. Rest assured we will always be available when required.

Maintenance & Repair

In order to ensure that your residential solar panel system is functioning at its best we can take care of all maintenance, repairs, and necessary adjustments to keep your home system as efficient as possible

solar Made Simple

Solar Energy At Home


Charge Your Car At Home

EV charger home installation

Power your car with the sun using an EV charger. Zappi EV Chargers allow seamless integration with solar panels creating the most efficient way of travelling on the road.

energy savings
CO 2 Reduction

Greener Today, Greener Tomorrow

Transform your home into a modern eco-home today. take control of your energy costs while increasing your property value.

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