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Working Together To Combat Carbon Emissions

Net Zero

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Achieving Net Zero By 2050

The UK government has set ambitious targets for achieving net zero emissions by 2050, and many businesses are aligning their strategies with these national goals. In the UK, as in many other countries, there’s a growing emphasis on businesses taking responsibility for their carbon footprint and committing to net zero targets as part of broader efforts to mitigate climate change.

Electech Installations can provide energy efficiency surveys to determine how measures can be integrated into your business to reduce your carbon footprint, these may include Solar PV, voltage optimisation and lighting controls. Enquire to speak to one of our advisors on how we can help your business achieve Net Zero.


How will the UK get to net zero?

Solar panels play a significant role in helping businesses achieve net zero emissions, here’s how:

On-site solar installations

Businesses can install solar panels on their rooftops or on unused land to generate clean, renewable electricity on-site. This reduces reliance on fossil fuels and decreases carbon emissions associated with electricity consumption.

Energy efficiency

Pairing solar panels with energy efficiency measures can maximise the impact of renewable energy generation. By reducing overall energy consumption through measures such as LED lighting, insulation, and energy-efficient appliances, businesses can further lower their carbon footprint.

Storage and grid interaction

Energy storage systems like batteries let businesses store excess solar energy for use during low sunlight. Additionally, participating in grid programs like net metering allows them to send surplus electricity back to the grid for credits or financial incentives.

Continuous monitoring and optimisation

Regularly monitoring solar panel performance and energy consumption to identify opportunities for optimisation. This may involve adjusting panel angles, upgrading equipment, or implementing smart energy management systems to maximise efficiency.

By integrating these strategies, businesses can effectively leverage solar panels to reduce their carbon footprint and work towards achieving net zero emissions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know?

We welcome all questions regarding solar, our services, and renewable energy. We are here to help!

Solar panels provide some of the best returns on investment for businesses. Whether you have a warehouse, high rise or factory, solar panels would be able to help you reduce your energy costs.

Depending on the businesses operating hours, consumption and useable roof space this would vary but most commercial solar PV systems pay back in between 1.5-5 years.

This would all be determined by things such as consumption, operating hours, size of supply and budget. We have an in house team of Solar PV designers that can offer a free online design and estimate based on these details.

Subject to approval of the initial design, a thorough survey will be completed to determine roof suitability and electrical requirements. Once completed the necessary permissions would be gained from both the local planning authorities (if required) and the local District Network Operator (DNO). Once we receive the permissions we would be ready to commence the works.


There are multiple options of finance with commercial solar PV systems. One being asset finance, we work with a commercial broker that can offer competitive rates on the entire installation, meaning full ownership after the term. A second option is Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) where you can install the system at no up front cost and receive a reduced rate per kWh of electricity. Contracts can be between 5-25 years and have an option to buy the system outright after the initial term. More information on funding can be found here.

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